Learn About Your Legal Rights from a Boca Raton Tow Truck Lawyer

Tow truck drivers often make poor decisions behind the wheel. Mistakes made when loading disabled vehicles onto tow trucks are common as well. When tow truck drivers’ mistakes lead to accident-related injuries, victims and their families can seek just compensation with the help of a Boca Raton tow truck lawyer.

Our firm handles truck accident cases against towing companies across South Florida. If you have been seriously injured or lost a loved one, we can use our experience to fight for the financial compensation you deserve. Accident victims and their families are entitled to just compensation for all of their accident-related losses, and these losses will be substantial in many cases.

Common Causes of Tow Truck Accidents

To recover just compensation for a tow truck accident, you must be able to prove why the accident happened. Towing companies can only be held liable when there is clear evidence that they (or their drivers) are responsible for causing a crash. When we investigate your (or your loved one’s) accident, we will be looking for evidence of common causes such as:

  • Distracted tow truck driving
  • Failing to properly secure a towed vehicle
  • Failing to lock a towed vehicle’s steering when necessary
  • Inadequate tow truck maintenance
  • Running red lights and stop signs
  • Speeding or driving too fast for the conditions
  • Tailgating and other forms of reckless and aggressive driving

While these are all common causes of tow truck accidents, they are by no means the only issues that can lead to serious and fatal collisions. Your Boca Raton tow truck lawyer at The Grife Law Firm will examine all possible causes in order to ensure that we fight to hold liable parties accountable. Depending on the circumstances, these may include the tow truck’s manufacturer, a repair shop or dealership, a government agency, and various other third parties.

Key Questions in Tow Truck Accident Cases

Determining whether you have a claim after a tow truck accident requires careful consideration of several key questions. For example, in order to evaluate your case, we will need to answer questions such as:

  • Did the tow truck driver make a mistake? If so, does the mistake rise to the level of negligence? Not all mistakes rise to the level of negligence (though many do). We will determine if the tow truck driver’s mistake justifies a claim for just compensation.
  • Was there an issue with the tow truck itself? Along with assessing whether you have a claim based on tow truck driver negligence, we will also assess whether you have a claim based on an issue with the tow truck itself. This may be an issue that existed when the truck left the factory or that is the result of improper maintenance.
  • Were there any other factors involved in your (or your loved one’s) tow truck accident? Road defects, other drivers’ negligence, and various other factors can lead to tow truck accidents as well. As your law firm, we will investigate all potential grounds to pursue a financial recovery on your behalf.
  • How much are you entitled to recover? Even if you have a claim, it still needs to be worthwhile to file. We will calculate the long-term costs of the accident so that you know how much you are entitled to recover.
  • Do you still have time to file a claim? If you wait too long, you can lose your right to file a claim. We will make sure you still have time to file, and we will take immediate legal action on your behalf if necessary.

Victims’ and Families’ Rights After Tow Truck Accidents in South Florida

As the victim of a tow truck accident in Florida (or as the family member of a tow truck accident victim), you have several important legal rights. For example, you have the right to know why the accident happened, and you have the right to hold the at-fault party (or parties) accountable.

You also have the right to hire a Boca Raton tow truck lawyer at no out-of-pocket cost. We provide free initial consultations, and we do not charge any legal fees unless we win. If we help you obtain a settlement or verdict in your tow truck accident case, then our legal fees will be calculated as a percentage of your award.

Discuss Your Rights with a Boca Raton Tow Truck Lawyer for Free

Were you or a loved one involved in a tow truck accident in South Florida? If so, we can help, but it is important that you contact us promptly. To speak with a Boca Raton tow truck lawyer about your rights in confidence as soon as possible, call 561-998-0770 or request a free consultation online now.

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