Florida Motorcycle Accident Statistics

January 31, 2024

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) tracks a variety of accident statistics, including those related to motorcycle accidents, on a statewide basis as well as by county. These statistics can provide tremendous insight into the hazards that every motorist faces on our roadways, but especially motorcycle riders. As motorcycle accident attorneys, we regularly review these statistics to get a sense of what our clients are experiencing out on the roads. 

Motorcycle Accidents Are on the Rise Across Florida

Statewide, car accidents are on the decline – there were 392,515 total crashes in 2023, a decline from the year prior (397,618) and a significant decline from the 403,626 total crashes in 2018. Unfortunately, this trend does not hold true for motorcycle accidents. The statistics underscore this disturbing trend: 

  • 2018: 9,143 total motorcycle accidents, resulting in 7,849 injuries
  • 2019: 8,895 total motorcycle accidents, resulting in 7,719 injuries
  • 2020: 8,045 total motorcycle accidents, resulting in 6,920 injuries
  • 2021: 8,649 total motorcycle accidents, resulting in 7,397 injuries
  • 2022: 9,270 total motorcycle accidents, resulting in 7,928 injuries
  • 2023: 9,478 total motorcycle accidents, resulting in 8,154 injuries

As you can see, motorcycle accidents were at their lowest in 2020, with 8,045. This is probably due to the pandemic, Unfortunately, the numbers immediately began to rise following the lifting of quarantine. 2023 saw the highest number of motorcycle accidents since at least 2018, with 208 more accidents than the year prior. If you are a motorcycle rider, these statistics should give you pause. 

Statewide Fatal Motorcycle Accidents – Reason to Hope?

While the total number of motorcycle accidents is on the rise, the number of fatal accidents declined in 2023: 

  • 2018: 531 fatal accidents
  • 2019: 550 fatal accidents
  • 2020: 552 fatal accidents
  • 2021: 621 fatal accidents
  • 2022: 631 fatal accidents
  • 2023: 596 fatal accidents

Fatal motorcycle accidents saw a significant increase in 2021 and 2022. While the decline in 2023 is a positive sign, they have yet to return to the numbers we saw in the time period between 2018 and 2020. More than likely, it is an anomaly, as the number of fatalities has generally tracked the total number of accidents. This would make sense because motorcycle riders are more likely to suffer fatalities in an accident than other types of motorists. 

Palm Beach County Motorcycle Accident Statistics

The statistics specific to motorcycle accidents in Palm Beach County generally track the statewide statistics:

  • 2018: 450 total motorcycle accidents including 28 fatalities
  • 2019: 410 total motorcycle accidents including 23 fatalities
  • 2020: 376 total motorcycle accidents including 29 fatalities
  • 2021: 386 total motorcycle accidents including 29 fatalities
  • 2022: 408 total motorcycle accidents including 30 fatalities
  • 2023: 449 total motorcycle accidents including 17 fatalities

These statistics indicate that the total number of accidents are rising, with 2023 seeing a dramatic increase. That said, they are lower than the 2018 high of 450 accidents. 

The number of fatalities for Palm Beach County is somewhat puzzling. Despite the fact that accidents are at their highest since 2018, there were only 17 fatalities in 2023. Furthermore, the number of fatalities appears to hover around 30 per year. 

The takeaway is this: riding a motorcycle is an inherently dangerous activity that can result in catastrophic injury and even death. If you or someone you love has been injured in a motorcycle accident, an experienced motorcycle accident attorney can help you get the compensation you need to make a full recovery. 

What You Need to Do if You Are Injured in a Motorcycle Accident

The days and weeks following your accident can be filled with uncertainty. Many riders are focused on getting the medical treatment they need and recovering from their injuries. They are often not even thinking about pursuing legal action. However, there are steps you can take following your accident that can put you in a much stronger position should you later decide to pursue a claim. Here are four tips that will help if you need to pursue a claim for your injuries and other losses: 

  1. Follow your recommended treatment. As difficult as it may be, you need to stay home from work or stay in bed if your doctor includes it as part of your recovery. Not following your doctor’s orders can not only prolong your recovery but can also lead to additional injuries. Even worse, failing to follow your doctor’s orders can be used against you if you need to pursue a claim as evidence that you were not as injured as you claim. 
  2. Keep copies of everything. There is a surprising amount of paperwork that comes with getting injured in a motorcycle accident. It can be very difficult to know what documents and other papers may be relevant, especially for non-lawyers. Err on the safe side and keep copies of any paperwork related to your accident. This can include the accident report prepared by the police, any correspondence with your insurance company, your medical bills, and doctor’s reports.
  3. Take notes. As soon as you are able, jot down what you can remember about your accident. It is better to include too much detail than too little. Also track your injuries, your recovery, and how you are feeling. In the event that you need to make a claim, this will help you remember specifically what happened and what you experienced. 
  4. Track your expenses and financial losses. This is arguably closely related to the second tip, but you want to make sure you are tracking the expenses and costs related to your accident. For example, you want to keep track of what your accident cost you in lost wages if you are unable to work. In addition, you may have additional transportation expenses if you are unable to drive. Keep whatever receipts or other documentation that you have. 

We understand that following these tips is often impossible for people who have been severely injured. If you are in this situation, contact a motorcycle accident attorney for help – they can do much more than file lawsuits. They can handle every aspect of your case from helping you get the treatment you need to dealing with your insurance company. 

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