After a Car Accident, Call The Grife Law Firm BEFORE Insurance Companies

December 8, 2014

After a car wreck, the importance of calling an experienced injury lawyer before you call any insurance company is paramount. Remember this: anything you say to the insurer can and will be used against you. Even if you are sure that the other driver is at fault, and even if the police officer fully blames the other driver, the involved insurance companies (including your own insurer) may very well assign your fault for causing the crash.

Here’s a typical scenario. My client was headed straight through a green light at an intersection. The at-fault driver turned left, violated my client’s right-of-way, and caused

the crash. The police officer gave the other driver a ticket for an illegal left turn. And because the client called their insurance company before they spoke to me, they gave a recorded statement and the insurance company assigned them some blame.

The insurance companies are not on your side. Even your own insurance company will protect its bottom line before it protects you. In the above scenario, the insurance company might look to assign you fault for not avoiding the car that illegally turned in front of you. In other words, the insurance companies (including your own) will take the position that you should have pulled some sort of stunt driver maneuver to avoid this driver who suddenly and unexpectedly violated your right of way. The insurer might assign you 20% of the blame for causing the crash and look to reduce your compensation by 20% for comparative fault.

The above scenario can be avoided if you call The Grife Law Firm after a car accident before you call the insurance company. We will make sure that every step is taken to fully protect your rights and your legal position. With us on your side, the insurance adjuster will not be able to take advantage of your inexperience in dealing with this situation to induce you to making a statement against your interests. Recorded statements should only be given if contractually required. Going through the facts of the incident with an injury attorney such as myself will help you gain confidence if a statement is required and provide you with the best chance to receive full, maximized financial recovery. The consultation is free and we only receive a fee if we win your case. Call 561-998-0770!