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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) - DTI/MRI

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) - DTI/MRI Due to the complexities of brain injuries, it can often be challenging to accurately diagnose them with traditional imaging techniques such as an MRI. In many instances, the results of a conventional MRI or CT scan will show no signs of a brain injury even a traumatic brain injury has in fact occurred. Those who suffer concussions and post-concussion syndrome may never have positive findings on brain MRIs and CT scans.  These challenges in diagnosing brain injuries make treating the condition even more complicated.

Fortunately, there is a new cutting edge brain injury diagnostic technique called diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), which can significantly improve a doctor's ability to diagnose traumatic brain injury and predict recovery in TBI patients. This cutting-edge technology could be vital in proving a serious brain injury due to a motorcycle, truck or car accident.

What is Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI)?

Diffusion tensor imaging was originally developed by the United States government in order to test soldiers for brain injuries after coming back from combat. It tracks the brain's white matter tracts to help identify traumatic lesions. In recent years, doctors have been using this technology more and more to diagnose brain injuries among the general public.

Diffusion tensor imaging is used in conjunction with conventional MRI techniques in order to provide 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional visualization of changes to white matter in the brain. DTI scans are able to provide image contrast that was previously unattainable using conventional MRI techniques.

Compassionate Brain Injury Representation

Michael K. Grife has been helping brain injury victims in the Boca Raton area since 2005. He understands the serious hardships you and your family are facing, and he is committed to helping you through this difficult time in any way possible. This involves helping you acquire both the medical treatments necessary to recover and the compensation to pay for your treatments.

Mr. Grife stays current on all of the most advanced brain injury diagnostic and treatment techniques available, including diffusion tensor imaging. This enables him to recommend the right medical approaches to your condition, and hopefully it will give you the greatest chance to recover from your brain injury.  Often times, brain injury victims need the assistance of neurological rehabilitation inpatient facilities.  Other times, neuropsychological testing is vital to properly understanding the injury victim's cognitive deficits.  The Grife Law Firm is dedicated to arming Traumatic Brain Injury victims with the funds and medical care necessary to gain the best possible outcome.

At The Grife Law Firm, we have the resources, ability and experience to help Traumatic Brain Injury victims recover full and maximized compensation. We are available to co-counsel TBI cases throughout the State of Florida. Our firm's ability, experience and resources are used to provide our clients with the very best possibility of a successful outcome.

If you have suffered a brain injury caused by the negligence of another, please contact The Grife Law Firm today to schedule your free consultation. Mr. Grife serves patients in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach, and throughout Florida.