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To take advantage of Florida’s warm climate, many residents have swimming pools or other water features on their properties. Although these are a source of relaxation and recreation, swimming pool accidents are unfortunately common and can result in devastating injuries for a victim, including death in some cases. Many swimming pool accidents involve children, who may not know how to swim or understand the grave dangers associated with swimming pools and hot tubs. At The Grife Law Firm, our Boca Raton swimming pool accident lawyers have represented many individuals and families in matters involving serious injuries caused by these accidents. If you believe that you may be entitled to compensation, or if you want to know more about your options, contact us today.

Understanding Liability for Swimming Pool Accidents in Florida

A swimming pool accident can lead to a premises liability case. This means that to recover compensation for your injuries or on behalf of an injured child, you must show that the property owner failed to exercise the appropriate level of care in maintaining the property in a safe condition. Although Florida does not hold swimming pool owners strictly liable for the injuries that result on their property, they must ensure that the pool is safe and that any appropriate warnings are given to people on the property. Moreover, they cannot delegate their duty to keep the pool and its surroundings in a safe condition to any other party, such as a pool maintenance company. This means that a victim of a swimming pool accident can seek compensation from the property owner even if the issue that caused the accident allegedly resulted from a maintenance company’s negligence.

Unfortunately, accidents often occur when a pool and its drains are not properly maintained, a pool is not properly fenced off, people in a pool are not properly supervised, or warnings are not posted regarding hazards involving pool use. A swimming pool accident attorney in the Boca Raton area can help you aggressively pursue a claim against any entity or individual in control of the property.

While adult trespassers do not have many protections on someone else’s property, certain protections do apply to children who are trespassing on property. Florida law generally considers swimming pools an attractive nuisance, which is a dangerous feature of a property that typically attracts unsuspecting children. This means that a pool owner may need to install barriers or gates to keep children away from the danger. If a pool owner fails to take the proper precautions, the child’s parents may be able to bring a claim for the resulting injuries, even if the child wandered into the pool area without permission.

If your Boca Raton swimming pool accident attorney is able to establish that the owner of the pool where an accident occurred failed to exercise the appropriate level of care, you can recover compensation for your injuries and damages. This includes compensation for your medical bills as well as any estimated future medical care needs if you sustained permanent or long-term disabilities. You can also seek compensation for missed wages and any reduction in your earning capacity. In the unfortunate situation that a victim loses their life as a result of an accident, the decedent’s estate can assert a wrongful death claim against the pool owner to recover compensation for medical bills, funeral expenses, and other items like the emotional suffering of any surviving loved ones.

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