Car Accidents in Florida

July 26, 2018

There were nearly 400,000 accidents in the state of Florida in 2016 and 166,000 of them involved injuries. Of those injuries, nearly 22,000 were incapacitating. While there is often clear fault in these tragic circumstances, victims are rarely compensated sufficiently for their suffering.

From working with our clients in Boynton Beach and surrounding areas, we know that these accidents are traumatic and cause financial hardship. Current and future medical bills and loss of wage issues can devastate a family. We can help.

Six common types of negligent accidents include:

  • Rear End Collisions: These collisions frequently occur in traffic or at stop lights caused by drivers who are tailgating or driving too fast for conditions. These types of crashes are commonly caused by the driver in the back being distracted.
  • Side-Impact / Broadside Collisions: These occur when you are hit from the side. Most commonly this happens at intersections when one driver runs a red light or stop sign.
  • Side-Swiped when Merging / Failure to Yield: This can lead to extremely dangerous multiple-car accidents, as the merger pushes the impacted car into other traffic.
  • Head-On Collisions: These rarely happen without serious negligence on the part of the other driver, often involving impaired or distracted driving.
  • Low-Speed Accidents: While these accidents don’t usually cause serious injury, when one’s body is jerked in an unexpected way, serious damage can result. These accidents are common in parking lots, intersections, and residential areas.
  • Pedestrian Injuries: Palm Beach County here in Florida is one of the most popular areas in the country for vacationing and has a wide variety of opportunities for entertainment – which means lots of pedestrians, both native Floridians and visitors. Being hit by a car, even when the car is going slowly, can lead to severe injury and sometimes death.

What if I’m in a car accident?

Read our important checklist, What to Do after a Car Accident, and seek medical treatment if you are injured. Even low-speed injuries can cause serious damage so diagnosing injury as soon as possible could help limit the damage done. There are many types of immediate and long-term injuries that you can sustain whe you are involved in a car accident. Car accident injuries can include almost anything:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Neck and shoulder injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Internal injuries
  • Emotional trauma

If you are injured, and you suspect fault on the part of the other driver, you may be entitled to compensation. But it is in the insurance company’s best interest to keep your compensation limited. Therefore, you may deserve more than they offer. You need our help to navigate the complex legal system and ensure all procedures are properly followed for success. A variety of compensation laws, statutes of limitations, and limits on damages make it complicated and frustrating for someone unfamiliar with the system to get the most compensation possible. We at The Grife Law Firm explore all avenues of financial recovery for our clients. That is why it is important to remember to contact us before you contact your insurance company. (See #5 on our What to Do after a Car Accident checklist.)

If you or someone you love is seriously injured or killed due to the negligence of a driver, the experienced personal injury attorneys at The Grife Law Firm are here to help. Put our experience and skill to work for you by calling 855-998-0770 for a free consultation.